We are data nerds, with a car problem.

Right now, you have access to the data you need to grow your business and make more money. Aggregating and analyzing is the challenge. 

That's where our team shines. We love cars, but we LOVE data and the power that it has to help growing businesses thrive...when given in the right way at the right time. 

We obsess about your problems and how you can better use data to solve them. Let's chat about it.
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What makes us different?

The automotive aftermarket has some very specific challenges that require a deep understanding of problems and opportunities sellers face on a daily basis. Like when your supplier forgot indicate a suspension system would shipping freight, so you sell them at a $84 loss over and over again before even realizing what happened. Or that a fitment file had an MPN mismatch for a popular rear differential that you were promoting on eBay, so you have to eat a few grand before realizing what even happened.

That's why existing solutions don't work.

Tromml knows to assess profitability in our industry, we need to closely track SKU and order profitability by pulling cost and sales data at the source. By accessing this "real-cost"of a sale, Tromml gives an accurate view of profitability so you can see which of your 200,000 SKUs are actually turning a profit. When its time to grow, Tromml will have the reports you need to  negotiate rates and identify where to shift volume.