Identify which parts of your business areactually making money.

Make the most of every hard earned dollar.

With Tromml's powerful technology, you can finally get access to the insights you need to reduce loss and improve your margins.

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Cost Reconciliation

Get a granular understanding of the 'true cost' of each SKU and order, including invoices, shipping costs, and marketplace fees.

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Loss Prevention Alerts

Receive real-time alerts for loss events, preventing unnoticed problems from outdated pricing files or unexpected costs.

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Comprehensive Insights

Gain deep insights into your sales data and profitability trends to make informed business decisions.

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Tromml seamlessly integrates with major marketplace platforms, allowing you to manage all your eCommerce data in one place.

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Get a personalized, at-a-glance view of your key metrics and sales data in an intuitive dashboard you can share with your team.

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Secure Data

Your data is safe with us. We the prioritize security and sensitivity of PII and  proprietary information in our data handling.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly does Tromml do?

Tromml provides a detailed analytics solution for eCommerce sellers in the automotive industry. We integrate real cost data from your suppliers and shippers to illuminate the true profitability of each SKU and order, guiding you towards more profitable business decisions.

What do you mean by 'true cost'?

'True cost' is an inclusive term for all costs associated with selling a product, including the invoice cost, shipping, and marketplace fees. It's more detailed than just the initial cost provided by the supplier - we calculate the precise profitability for every SKU and order.

How can Tromml help me make more profitable decisions?

Tromml provides an in-depth analysis of your eCommerce operations, highlighting the most and least profitable products, orders, and channels. This analysis equips you with actionable insights, enabling you to steer your business towards profit-generating avenues and away from loss events.

Is Tromml suitable for dropshippers?

Absolutely. Tromml is particularly beneficial for dropshippers, who often deal with complex pricing strategies and multiple vendors. Our solution will help you illuminate the true cost and profitability of each SKU, enabling you to make more informed pricing decisions.

Can Tromml handle large volumes of SKUs and orders?

Yes, Tromml is designed to manage large quantities of SKUs and orders, providing a detailed analysis of each one. No matter the size of your business, Tromml can help you gain clarity on your operations and profitability.

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