Identify which parts of your business actually make money.

Make the most of every hard earned dollar.

With Tromml's powerful technology, you can finally get access to the insights you need to reduce loss and improve your margins.

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Cost Reconciliation

Get a granular understanding of the 'true cost' of each SKU and order, including invoices, shipping costs, and marketplace fees.

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Loss Prevention Alerts

Receive real-time alerts for loss events, preventing unnoticed problems from outdated pricing files or unexpected costs.

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Comprehensive Insights

Gain deep insights into your sales data and profitability trends to make informed business decisions.

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Tromml seamlessly integrates with major marketplace platforms, allowing you to manage all your eCommerce data in one place.

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Get a personalized, at-a-glance view of your key metrics and sales data in an intuitive dashboard you can share with your team.

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Secure Data

Your data is safe with us. We the prioritize security and sensitivity of PII and  proprietary information in our data handling.

Frequently asked questions

What are profit alerts?

Profit alerts are automated notifications that inform eCommerce business owners when there are significant changes in profit margins, sales trends, or cost fluctuations. These alerts help you stay on top of your financial health by providing real-time insights into your profitability.

How can profit alerts benefit my eCommerce business?

Profit alerts empower you to make timely decisions that can enhance your bottom line. By receiving instant notifications about changes in profitability, you can quickly adjust pricing, promotions, or inventory management strategies to optimize earnings and prevent losses.

What types of profit alerts can be configured?

We offer a variety of profit alerts including:
- Margin Alerts: Notify you when profit margins fall below a predefined threshold.
- Sales Volume Alerts: Triggered by significant changes in sales volume, either increases or decreases.
- Cost Increase Alerts: Informed when supplier costs rise, affecting your product margins.

How do you ensure accuracy in profit alerts?

Our profit alerting system integrates directly with your sales data, shipping systems, and supplier invoices to ensure real-time accuracy. We utilize advanced analytics to filter out noise and focus on meaningful changes. Continuous updates and calibrations are performed to maintain precision in the alert thresholds and criteria.

Can I customize how and when I receive these alerts?

Yes, our profit alert system is highly customizable. You can choose the conditions under which alerts are triggered, the frequency of notifications, and the communication channels used (e.g., email, SMS, mobile app notifications). This flexibility allows you to tailor the alerts to your specific operational rhythms and decision-making processes.

Does Tromml work with dropshipping?

Absolutely. Tromml is particularly beneficial for dropshippers, who often deal with complex pricing strategies and multiple vendors. Our solution will help you illuminate the true cost and profitability of each SKU, enabling you to make more informed pricing decisions.

Can Tromml handle large volumes of SKUs and orders?

Yes, Tromml is designed to manage hundreds of thousands to millions of SKUs and orders, providing a detailed analysis of each one. No matter the size of your business, Tromml can help you gain clarity on your operations and profitability.

How can I get started with setting up profit alerts for my business?

Getting started is simple. Contact us to schedule a consultation where we’ll discuss your specific needs and the unique aspects of your eCommerce business. From there, we’ll provide a tailored setup that fits your requirements and help you implement the system for optimal alerting efficiency.

What data sources are used to calculate profitability?

Our system pulls data from a variety of sources including sales data, payment processors, shipping costs, and supplier invoices. We ensure that all relevant costs and revenue streams are accounted for to provide an accurate measure of profitability.

What measures are in place to protect my data?

We take data security very seriously. Our system uses industry-standard encryption and security protocols to protect your data. We also conduct regular security audits to ensure that our defenses are up to date against the latest threats.

Can I receive profit alerts for specific product categories or brands?

Yes, you can configure profit alerts to be specific to product categories, brands, or even individual SKUs. This granularity allows you to monitor profitability at a level that is most relevant to your business strategy.

What happens if I change suppliers or product costs change?

Our system allows you to update supplier information and product costs easily. Once updated, the profit alert system will automatically recalibrate to reflect these changes and continue to provide accurate alerts.

How can I measure the impact of profit alerts on my business?

You can measure the impact of profit alerts by tracking changes in your profitability metrics before and after implementing the alerts. Additionally, you can monitor the effectiveness of the actions you take in response to alerts, such as pricing adjustments or cost-saving measures.

How long does it take to setup?

Setup time can vary depending on the complexity of your eCommerce platform and the number of integrations required. However, most businesses can expect to have the profit alert system up and running within a few days to a couple of weeks.

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