Preparing for SEMA/AAPEX

October 18, 2023
Preparing for SEMA/AAPEX

As the automotive industry prepares to accelerate its shift into a predominantly digital arena, SEMA and AAPEX are poised to emerge as key catalysts. This year, these events are projected to transcend beyond merely unveiling the latest in auto tech, morphing into epicenters for deciphering the nascent business and market trends. Many are eagerly awaiting our upcoming SEMA seller's guide, which is expected to shed light on the wealth of insights these conferences will unveil. But, which sessions will prove indispensable for the next-gen eCommerce sellers?

Here’s your upcoming guide:

Sales Optimization: A Data-Led Approach

Location: N257

The forthcoming "Double Your Company's Sales in Three Steps" is slated to present a lucid, data-backed formula for success. This talk aims to distill sales enhancement into three succinct steps, empowering businesses to effectively bolster their sales performance.

Re-envisioning Brand-Customer Dynamics

Location: N258

"Reimagining Your Customer, and Your Brand, for Effective Product, Marketing and Business Strategies" is expected to plunge attendees into a profound exploration of customer and brand psyches. It emphasizes the pivotal role of harmonizing brand ethos with customer outlooks to craft bespoke and impactful marketing stratagems.

Cashing in on Technological Waves

Location: N256

"How to Profit from Emerging Technologies" is geared to spotlight opportunities borne from advancements like ADAS, electrification, and EVs. Automotive repair mavens should find this talk invaluable, offering strategic insights to maximize these nascent tech-driven opportunities.

Navigating the Digital Marketing Labyrinth

Location: N256

"Navigating the Ever-Changing Digital Marketing Landscape" aims to provide a holistic understanding of the digital marketing spectrum. Discover the instrumental role of first-party data and how it's harnessed to sculpt high-impact marketing drives.

Harnessing Micro-Influencer Might

Location: N256

"Customers Are the New Influencers: Nano Influencers and the New Economics of Search" will focus on the evolving interplay between search engine algorithms and the burgeoning influence of nano influencers. Grasp strategies to leverage this transition, morphing online visitors into brand devotees.

Crafting Content that Resonates

Location: N258

The rise of vertical videos on social media is undeniable. "Leverage Vertical Videos on Social Media to Scale Your Business" is set to delve into crafting strategies that capitalize on this paradigm shift, turning passive viewers into engaged consumers and brand champions.

As we gear up for the future of auto eCommerce, SEMA and AAPEX are shaping up to be pivotal events for anyone serious about this industry. The insights and trends on offer aren't just fleeting fads—they're the roadmap to the future. The sessions spotlighted here are your ticket to understanding and capitalizing on the shifts in the landscape. So, if you're aiming to be at the forefront of the auto parts eCommerce revolution, these events are your North Star. Stay informed, stay engaged, and let's navigate the road ahead together. Safe travels! 🚗🛠🌟

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